Pest Control Services in Kolkata

Best Pest Control Services in Kolkata

Pest control is the regulation and management of any species which comes under the definition of pests. Such species can be detrimental to human health and the ecology as whole. A pest controller is better known as exterminator.

We have skillful experience in providing domestic pest control. So, we give you DIY ideas and advise on infestation and pest prevention. But, for serious pest issues especially in and around your home we have our call-out domestic pest control which is a faster and more effective process. Hence, we are your best Pest Control Service Provider.

Household pests are much more than a nuisance. The out of sight, out of mind concept doesn't stand valid for them. They are potential threats to your health, well being, and property. Availing pest control service from Dadson HPS extends absolute peace of mind to you and help you protect your family members and your house from the threat posed by the annoying and dangerous pests.

With Dadson HPS, Pests Don’t Stand a Chance to Infest Your Dwelling

Pests infest your space irrespective of location and season, and so, you must put your best effort to keep them away at all time and from everywhere. Availing pest control service from a trusted company is the best option you have at your disposal. A pest control specialist delivers scientific and tailor-made solution to prevent pests infesting your homes through the year.

We Know Your Pests

Dadson HPS is your friendly pest control specialist to create the most innovative and effective strategy to drive away the pests from your life and lifestyle. We boast award-winning training and advanced technology to detect conditions that invite pest to your habitation, control the current infestation and destroy their lifecycle so that they cannot invade your sanity in future. Our expert pest control professionals know the behaviour of the household pests, following that they classify them and then strategise the most effective way to get rid of each type.

Different Types of Services We Offer

  • Pest Control Service for Educational Institutions
  • Commercial and Industrial Pest Control
  • Pest Control Service for Health Sector
  • Educational Pest Control Service

    Pests in schools and colleges are a common thing and it can become a serious threat to the health of the children. We have trained exterminators who will carry out an effective infestation in every nook and corner of the premises and make sure the environment around is pest free. They will brief the authorities about ways to avoid pest attack.

    Commercial & Industrial Pest Control Service

    Pests can be huge obstacle to the growth of your business. Hence, it is very important to keep them at bay. So, no matter what business you own we have a one stop solution for you. We recruit exterminators who specialize in commercial or industrial pest control services in Kolkata. A team is formed who assist customers in the most efficient and informed way.

    Pest Control Service at Health Sector

    Bed bugs, insects and contaminated food do not come as a surprise from the health sector. Patients often complain of difficulties caused by these creepy crawlies. We have a team of efficient controllers who have a detailed knowledge about the insects which attack the specifications if this sector. We promise to give you a safe environment for curing better.

    Major Controls

    General Pest Control (for Spiders, Lizards, Cockroaches,Ants), Mosquito Control Service (Larvae Treatment, Fogging),Pre Construction Soil Treatment, Post Construction Anti- Termite Treatment, Wood Borer Treatment, White Ants Treatment, Rodent Control Treatment, Snake Control Treatment , Fumigation.

    We offer customised treatments to address seasonal pest activity in your area and provide you respite from pests through the year. We also have the option to re-treat the outdoors of your home every season. If pests come back, so will we - at no cost to you.


    Question 1 - “Is Pest Control Safe If I Have Allergies?”

    Answer –Yes, it is safe. Let our pest control experts know you have allergies and they will use suitable chemicals to get rid of pests.

    Question 2 - “What Information Should I Provide While Booking Your Service?”

    Answer –Let us know your pest control needs, your address, contact number, and preferred date and time.

    Question 3 - “How Frequently Do I Need Pest Control Services?”

    Answer – Consider the level of infestation and approach us for Mosquito and pest control services in Kolkata whenever you need.

    Question 4 - “How Long Will It Take For The Pests To Vanish?”

    Answer –People approaching us for commercial pest control services in Kolkata can expect to see results within two weeks.

    Question 5 - “Does Your Service Cover Termites As Well?”

    Answer –Yes. Few pests and termites we deal with are spiders, lizards, cockroaches, ants, mosquito larvae, fogging, wood borer, white ants, rodents and snakes.