Pest Control and Disinfection Services: Office and Residential Sanitization Services

Active Pest Control and Disinfection Services- Fumigation- Disinfection Services for Homes-Businesses-Godowns-Vehicles

Dadson HPS is one of the well-known names in the field of pest control and disinfection services in Kolkata. Now, we have also specialised in the vital functions related to fumigation and disinfection for vehicles and godowns. We are the ones who have always applied the most contemporary techniques of pest control and so follow the same authenticity in the application of fumigation techniques as well.

Godown Fumigation

We use Phosphine and Profume Gas and various other measures as per the need of the area to be fumigated. Phosphine gas is useful for fumigating commodities like grains, and Profume gas helps treat pests empty godowns and other storage facility comprising timber components. These options have a high ability to penetrate the fumigated areas and effectively dissipates and eliminates different types of pests during aeration.

Vehicle Fumigation

The vehicle fumigation procedure will ensure the complete elimination of all living pest in your car. Every single nook and corner of your vehicle will be treated, including air-conditional vent, mats, and car boot.

Fumigation is a Multi-Level Procedure

The very first stage involves preparation for the fumigation and disinfection. The areas that need to be purified are covered to create a sealed space. The second stage is the critical step for performing the fumigation operation. The fumigant gas is released to the areas affected, and then space is kept closed for a specific time frame. The entry of individuals remains completely forbidden during this period. Within this period the fumigant percolates through the area to destroy the infestation. Next comes the step to ventilate the space to prepare it for day-to-day use. In this process, the accumulated toxic gases escape the area. Then the aeration quality is tested after the ventilation. Then, entry to space is permitted to individuals. Thus, the place gets thoroughly disinfected for a favourable time frame.

Benefits of Fumigation and Disinfection for Vehicles and Godowns

  • Swift, productive and use cost-effective strategies of thorough fumigation process to deal with all form of pests.
  • Eliminating all form of odour and unwanted chemical smell on delivery.
  • Water-based solutions are easier to clean up after the treatment and so much safer.
  • Healthy and safe measures for you and your surroundings.

What Do We Do for You?

At Dadson HPS, we offer a wide range of fumigation and disinfection techniques based on the scope of the project. We make sure that every area we work on is accurately tested, and no pest is present post-delivery of the project. We are proud to work along with esteemed business houses across Kolkata and several domestic clients to prevent any such infestations from occurring.

We provide fumigation services to both residential and commercial properties. The process involves initial testing and auditing to determine the severity of the infestation and the right techniques to be incorporated.

If you are suffering from a pest infestation and looking for a professional pest prevention team, then we are the ones to be beside you and rescue you from the plight. The services we will offer will undoubtedly be extra useful to cope up with the current miseries during the COVID-19 pandemic as well.