About Us

About Dadson HPS India

We offer premium services of housekeeping, security and pest control to enhance your living experience when you are away from your humble abode.

Who we are

We are an emerging company in the field of house maintenance. We promise to offer high class services to give you clean and safe surroundings.

Our mission

To become a sought after choice for all the services that we have on our platter. We want all our customers to leave with a smile after availing our services.

Our vision

To create a healthy and secure surrounding for everyone when they are away from home. Whether be it an external threat or a threat from unwanted creepy house guests, we take care of it all.

Why people choose us?

A very mainstream reason for people choosing us because we are simply the best. Moreover, we do justice to this mainstream idea. Customer service is our top priority. Whether be it Housekeeping Service pest control measures, we take care of everything to make you live clean, stay wealthy and breathe healthy.

What we do

We offer services like Housekeeping, Pest Controlling and Security Services. Starting from schools, colleges, hostel and hospitals to Commercial offices, factories and construction companies we provide staff and service to all.

Best Packages

We offer you the best pocket friendly packages on a quarterly and yearly basis.